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March 21, 2019

Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Interview Questions And answers 2019

OGG (Oracle GoldenGate) Interview Questions Part2

Why is Supplemental logging required for Replication in Golden Gate? is it mandatory?

Does DDLs are supported by OGG ?

List the minimum parameters that can be used to create the OGG extract process?

What parameters can be used to configure Oracle GoldenGate to extract data from Archived Redo log files only?

What type of Encryption is supported in OGG?

What are some of the new features of GoldenGate (OGG) 12c?

What is a Credential Store in OGG 12c? How to configure Credential Store in OGG 12c?

How does the Replicat works in a Coordinated Mode?

What is the difference between Classic and Integrated Replicat?

List a few parameters which you used to improve the OGG replicat process performance?

How do you see contents of trail files ?

What is the use of the DEFGEN utility?

What are the different OGG Initial load methods available?

What is the best practice to delete old extract files in OGG?

Is SCN and CSN are same ?
- Yes, they are the same

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