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September 9, 2018

MySQL mysqladmin commands

mysqladmin commands in MySQL

mysqladmin ==> used to administer MySQL database

mysqladmin OPTIONS command1...commandN

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -pabc123 version

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -pabc123 -h linux002 password new_password

mysqladmin -h linux002 -u linuxusr -pabc123 reload

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -p refresh

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -h linux002 -pabc123 ping

mysqladmin -h linux002 -u linuxusr -pabc123 -count 5 -sleep 3 ping

mysqladmin -h linux001 -u linuxusr -pabc123  processlist

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -h linux001 -pabc123  processlist status version

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -pabc123 -h linux001 variables

mysqladmin -u root -ppass123 -h linux006 create mysqldb6

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -ppass123 -h linux006 drop mysqldb7 drop testdb2

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -ppass123 -h linux003 kill 234

mysqladmin -h linux003 -u linuxusr -ppass123 kill 999, 666, 333

#/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown

mysqladmin -u root shutdown

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -pabc123 -h linux001 shutdown

#/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin --socket=/tmp/mysql2.sock --port=3307 -u root -p shutdown

mysqladmin -u linuxusr -pabc123 -h linux001 status

mysqladmin -h linux001 -u linuxusr -pabc123 extended-status

mysqladmin flush-hosts -h -uroot

mysqladmin -h -uroot flush-tables

mysqladmin -h -uroot -p flush-logs

mysqladmin -u root -p start-slave

mysqladmin -u root -p stop-slave

mysqladmin -u root -p debug

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