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January 27, 2016

Oracle Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)

RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) is a utility, a set of shell scripts (or) a PERL script, that can be downloaded from Metalink, to collect diagnostics information from an Oracle database and its environment (RAC, ASM, Exadata).

This utility is focused at collecting information that will aid in problem diagnosis. When logging a call, Oracle Support will often request that you install the RDA utility, run it and upload the output to Metalink for analysis.

It’s not only a great tool for troubleshooting but also very helpful for documenting an Oracle environment.

RDA offers lots of reporting options, is relatively unobtrusive and provides easy to read results. You can run it on just about any version of the Database or Oracle Applications or Operating System and it is smart enough to figure out where to go and what to gather.

Once installed and run or, you have to answer some questions and send it off to gather information about your environment. As result you will get a lot of TXT and HTML files. The simplest way of reviewing the output files is to launch a web browser on the same machine where has run and open the file RDA__START.htm located in the RDA_Output directory. If you pull up the RDA__START.htm, you can browse through information about your database, server, Java, applications tier, forms and just about anything else you ever wanted to know. And it’s all nicely formatted in HTML with drill-down links.

Download the patch from Metalink, FTP to database box and unzip it.

To find out whether RDA installation is successful or not
$./ -cv

To run RDA
$./ –vdt or $perl
[[Answer bundle of questions]]

For more options, read the README_UNIX.txt or README_WINDOWS.txt in the installation directory.

./ -f -y -e RPT_GROUP='XD',ORACLE_SID=$ORACLE_SID,ORACLE_HOME=`grep -v -e ^[#,*,+] /etc/oratab | grep $ORACLE_SID |cut -f2 -d:`,SQL_LOGIN='/',SQL_SYSDBA=1,ASM_ORACLE_SID=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f1 -d:`,ASM_ORACLE_HOME=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f2 -d:` -p Exadata_Assessment
./ -p Exadata_Assessment
./ -vT ora600:`grep -i ora-00600 $B_D_D |cut -f1 -d:`
./ -p advanced DBM
./ -p Exadata_FailedDrives
./ -f -y -e RPT_GROUP='XD2',ORACLE_SID=$ORACLE_SID,ORACLE_HOME=`grep -v -e ^[#,*,+] /etc/oratab | grep $ORACLE_SID |cut -f2 -d:`,SQL_LOGIN='/',SQL_SYSDBA=1,ASM_ORACLE_SID=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f1 -d:`,ASM_ORACLE_HOME=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f2 -d:` ONET
./ -T oraddc
./ -f -y -e RPT_GROUP='XD2',ORACLE_SID=$ORACLE_SID,ORACLE_HOME=`grep -v -e ^[#,*,+] /etc/oratab | grep $ORACLE_SID |cut -f2 -d:`,SQL_LOGIN='/',SQL_SYSDBA=1,ASM_ORACLE_SID=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f1 -d:`,ASM_ORACLE_HOME=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f2 -d:` -T oraddc
./ EXA
./ -f -y -e RPT_GROUP='XD2',ORACLE_SID=$ORACLE_SID,ORACLE_HOME=`grep -v -e ^[#,*,+] /etc/oratab | grep $ORACLE_SID |cut -f2 -d:`,SQL_LOGIN='/',SQL_SYSDBA=1,ASM_ORACLE_SID=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f1 -d:`,ASM_ORACLE_HOME=`grep ASM /etc/oratab |cut -f2 -d:` EXA
./ -p Exadata_SickCell
./ -p Exadata_IbSwitch
./ -p Exadata_NetworkCabling

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