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October 20, 2012

Oracle GoldenGate Interview Questions/FAQs

Oracle GoldenGate Interview Questions/FAQs

1. What is GoldenGate and how to setup GoldenGate?

2. What are processes/components in GoldenGate?
Manager, Extract, Replicat, Data Pump

3. What is Data Pump process in GoldenGate?

4. What is the command line utility in GoldenGate (or) what is ggsci?

5. What is the default port for GoldenGate Manager process?

6. What are important files GoldenGate?
GLOBALS, ggserr.log, dirprm, etc ...

7. What is checkpoint table?

8. How can you see GoldenGate errors?
ggserr.log file

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