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January 8, 2009

First day in Job (@IDRBT)

It's 19th Jan 2006 ....

5 O'clock: Just got down in Secunderabad railway station from Narasapur Express, after spending joyful Sankranti holidays.
These are more jubilant days because I got job.
After 2 hours of sleep, make myself ready to go to Masabtank.

9 O'clock: I have reached IDRBT.
Stepped in, with so many hopes and anxiety ....

10 O'clock: I met HR person(Ashok).
One more guy (Naveen Chandra) also come to join on that day. We both introduced ourselves.
It took two hours to fill all the forms.

12 O'clock: Then Ashok introduced Rafi and he took us to INFINET where other new joiners were sitting (and eagerly waiting to work).

At the time of interview, I came to know Joseph and Krishna Prasad.
Here, I met new buddies Chinnapa Reddy, Unni Krishnan, Gaurav Sharma.
Gaurav Sharma was already started working.
We had round table conference (sorry...there were only chairs) for half an hour.

1 O'clock: Went to cafeteria, had delicious lunch.
Here I met two of our female mates Jhansi and Vani.
After discussing our interview experiences, we went to library, not to study, just to browse.

4 O'clock: Again went to cafeteria, had Tea and spent time in the lawn.
I went to library and sent a mail to all my classmates saying that I got job.

6 O'clock: First day of job is completed with soooo many certificates, forms, signs and handshakes.

This sweet journey has lasted for 21 months in IDRBT ... Thanks to all Buddies.