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March 6, 2019

MySQL mysqldiskusage utility to check disk usage

mysqldiskusage utility commands in MySQL

mysqldiskusage    Show disk usage for databases
mysqldiskusage --help
mysqldiskusage --version

mysqldiskusage --server=linux_host
mysqldiskusage --server=root:admin01@localhost --all
mysqldiskusage --server=root:secret@localhost -b -m -i
mysqldiskusage --server=user:pass@host:port:socket db1 --all

mysqldiskusage --server=root:admin01@localhost --all --format=vertical --verbose
mysqldiskusage --server=linux_host -vvv --all

mysqldiskusage --server=root@localhost employee test
mysqldiskusage --server=root@localhost --format=csv -a -vv

mysqldiskusage utility options:
  --version              show program's version number and exit
  --help                display a help message and exit
  --license              display program's license and exit
  --server=SERVER     connection information for the server in the form:
                        user[:password]@host[:port][:socket] or login-path[:port][:socket] or config-path[[group]].

  --ssl-ca=SSL_CA        path to a file that contains a list of trusted SSL CAs.
  --ssl-cert=SSL_CERT  name of the SSL certificate file to use for establishing a secure connection.
  --ssl-key=SSL_KEY      name of the SSL key file to use for establishing a secure connection.
  --ssl=SSL              specifies if the server connection requires use of   SSL. If an encrypted connection cannot be established, the connection attempt fails. By default 0 (SSL not required).

  -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT  display the output in either grid (default), tab, csv, or vertical format
  -h, --no-headers     do not show column headers (only applies to formats: grid, tab, csv).
  -b, --binlog         include binary log usage
  -r, --relaylog      include relay log usage
  -l, --logs            include general and slow log usage
  -i, --innodb        include InnoDB tablespace usage

  -m, --empty          include empty databases
  -a, --all              show all usage including empty databases
  -v, --verbose      control how much information is displayed. e.g., -v =  verbose, -vv = more verbose, -vvv = debug
  -q, --quiet             turn off all messages for quiet execution.

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